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On Thursdays I offer bodywork sessions at Wiveton Parish Rooms in north Norfolk.

It's a peaceful and spacious room with low lighting and the warmth of a real crackling open fire.


These sessions can simply be a gentle, caring, nourishing time of surface tension release and relaxation. Loving me-time to feel yourself again.

Or they can be deeper and more intense, facilitating and supporting the expression of older or more entrenched issues or emotions. 

Clients are usually undressed to underwear, or whatever feels comfortable, but I can work with you fully clothed too if you prefer.

Just let me know your needs and I will always go at a pace and depth that feels right for you.

£75 for a one hour session

£135 for two hours

10% off when you book 3 or more sessions at once.

Contact me for more information and to book.





"I can honestly say I have never experienced anything like the different experiences I have every time Red lays her hands on me. She is a quite incredible being with a seemingly powerful gift. It’s taken me 46 years to find a masseur who can hit the spots that need hitting in the right way."
- Dave, Aylsham



This is generally a more hands-off approach, where I create a safe and caring container space to guide your body through its own processes of expression and release via your own free movement. It's rather like a guided meditation, but always encouraging your body to do what it needs to be doing that is good and healing and insightful for you.

Sometimes, my therapeutic touch is also part of the process, if that is helpful for you. We speak and agree on such things before working together.


£65 for a one hour session

£125 for two hours

10% off when you book 3 or more sessions at once.

I never see more than three clients in one day.
These sessions are very popular and need to be booked sometimes a couple of months in advance. If you can not make Thursdays, get in touch as I sometimes make other days available.

Contact me for more information and to book.

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