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Hi, my name is Red. I live by a meadow valley near the wild salt marsh of the Norfolk coast in England, with two magical daughters and many cats and various other strange beings that drift in and out of the land. 

I'm currently bringing forth a body of pencil drawings mostly honouring the ancient Greek pantheon of gods - but some others also slip in there too...

I've been drawing seriously only since the pandemic when I was forced to give up the bodywork and movement groups I was running. However I'm finally able to return again to that work now, though the art work has now also taken central stage, seemingly with a life of its own.

Here's my somatics 
history, for anyone interested in coming to my workshops or booking a one to one session with me:


After training in various forms of Chinese and Hawaiian bodywork and massage therapy 25 years ago, I undertook training in Process-Oriented Reichian Body Psychotherapy. For several years I worked with one-to-one with people, inviting expression and release of accumulated tensions and histories.


When my two daughters came into this world, I created and led the woodland community group Mighty Oaks which met in the woods three mornings per week for six years, and served over 100 families. I held a calm and grounded supportive space, teaching about nature and traditional handcrafts whilst providing conversational counselling, and holding a circle in which I embodied story forms and song.


For five years I was in depth work and training with Linda Hartley, exploring Authentic Movement and the development of clear witnessing presence.


Additionally, I have 30 years of extensive training and experience in many various disciplines, including: Taoist energetic meditations and practices, Mythogenic Self Process of embodied personal mythology including NLP master trainer certification, and intensive Yoga teacher training and Hindu philosophy through Sivananda ashram. I have experience in Kundalini yoga, Vipassana meditation, Zen meditation & Tibetan Buddhist meditation and philosophy. I've enjoyed countless hours of personal practise in Five Rhythms dance and Contact Improvisation.

For the past 13 years I have been organising, running and holding regular group spaces for personal development, play and exploration, and also movement and meditation based workshops.

More recently to expand my work in supporting community, I've taken part in intensives and courses learning about Arnold and Amy Mindell's Processwork, Joanna Macy's The Work That Reconnects, and Daniel Foor's Ancestral Healing work.

My own personal spiritual and earth-based somatic practises underpin all these learnings and bringing a depth of support and holding that would be otherwise impossible alone.

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